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Apollo has landed…..

Posted October 31, 2013 by in CEO Updates

Mr Chong Chee Wah
Founder & CEO

Dear Readers,

This month – Oct is really a great month for us and also for me personally. Firstly, I have added another year to my age. I am supposed to be even wiser and more mature. Did I? I laughed. But for sure, I have accumulated more experiences and data points in my life.

This brings me nicely to the topic that I have dwelled on many times. Define Victory. It is important that as leader of a company, we define a clear vision of where the company is heading to. This is defining victory. We owe every member that we have in our team – a clear defined vision. I dislike companies with unclear vision and vision that is so difficult to understand. I like simple vision statements. Like Henry Ford’s “To put a car in every garage” or NASA’s vision back in last century – “To put a man on the moon”. These simple sentences articulate the clear vision and can bring the whole organisation into a single focus – laser sharp focus on this goal.

What is our goal or vision in TreeBox then? Our vision must be simple and easy to understand.

“Our Solution in Every Enterprise Mobile Device”.

I have set this as our vision. To put our solution in every enterprise mobile device. I am eager to test this across time and see how well we do against this vision. At least, in my humble opinion, I have a simple sentence that articulates clearly where we want to go.

And indeed, we have gone far this month. This month has been so important. Our overseas testings were conducted this month. This is challenging as these places are places that we have never been to. And we have heard of challenging conditions abroad. Unlike other locations, these would be challenging. I like analogies and I used the analogy of the spacecraft by NASA – Apollo. How do you tell and motivate your team to do something that we don’t even know the terrain?

Well, when NASA built Apollo for space exploration and eventually landing in Moon, it was a lot of prediction, experimentation and faith as well. If Apollo has never been to the moon, how would we know how Apollo would perform in moon !! This was exactly where we were this month.

Within a month, i travelled to 3 different countries. Apollo has landed. We flew in. Difficult terrain. Difficult conditions. But we managed to master the environment and complete our test. I had this huge smile on my face when i saw my test engineer wrote his email subject header – “Apollo has Landed on Mars !” I was so proud. I have landed, ran tests, adjusted parameters, ran more tests, collected lots of data and now we know how “Mars” looked like. We also reached “Venus”. I will continue the travelling. I would be going to “Jupiter”. Yet more challenges, but i am sure we are up to the challenge.

TreeBox’s Apollo has landed !


With best regards,
Chee Wah