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Branding – Our Story

Posted July 31, 2014 by in CEO Updates

Mr Chong Chee Wah
Founder & CEO

Dear Readers,

It has almost been a year since I last wrote about branding. I wrote on this blog in Sep 2013 on branding. Somehow, this year, in the month of July, we started to look at this topic of branding again.

We started to engage in meaningful discussions with some consultants on this topic called branding. Like any other start-ups, we probably did not pay too much attention to “branding” as compared to ensuring our product fit, market entries, customers’ satisfaction etc. Now, with 3 years of journey, we thought it would be good to take a side-step and look at what we have built up so far.

We took a serious assessment of our own “brand”. It has been a tough and long journey when we started off as TreeBox. Many people do not understand why and where this name comes about. Well, I have the privilege of telling our TreeBox story several times as I met different consultants. Hence, why not I tell the story here for everyone to know!

Our name TreeBox comes from our vision of securing our customer’s communications and data from the root! As we live in a city, we do see many trees being planted along the roads. We learnt that there are concrete structures below the road surface that will protect the roots of the trees. Such structure serves two purposes – one to contain the roots, second to ensure that the roots don’t break out and damage the pavements. In a similar context, we want to build a solution for our customers to make sure that their communications and data remains secure and do not breach the security walls that have been imposed. And like the “Tree-Box” underneath the concrete that serves its purpose, it is not clearly visible from the surface of the road. TreeBox as a company also does our job well, quietly securing our customer’s information.

The name fits in with the vision that we want – securing our customers’ mobile communications. That was how the name was born. We are proud of this name – TreeBox. It is a nice name and it exemplifies our vision of securing our customer’s communications. We are happy with this name.

Next, why “OnTalk”? Well, we wanted to be an Asia-Centric company with Asia focus. We saw the word “安” which means “safe” and if we pronounce this word in Cantonese, it sounds like “On”. we decided this would be quite a nice name – OnTalk – means the moment our customers use (or power on) our solution, we would provide the safety to protect their mobile communications.

We had some fun during the trademark process of “OnTalk”. The fun really comes from justifying to the trademark office why we can trademark OnTalk !! One of our arguments is, if Bread can Talk (BreadTalk), why can’t On Talk (OnTalk)? Fortunately, through our gutsy way, we managed to get the trademark approved with the help of our lawyers !!

I appreciate the events that happen in July which makes me re-visit the meaning and the story behind TreeBox’s name.

With best regards
Chee Wah