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Define and Pursue Victory

Posted August 31, 2013 by in CEO Updates

Mr Chong Chee Wah
Founder & CEO

Dear Readers,

Last month I wrote about “business as war”. I see great similarities between fighting a military campaign and surviving in the ruthless world of business. Competition is intense and it is really a matter of life and death in the business world as well. Losing a military campaign can have a disastrous effect on a war. It could mean a country losing its independence. Similarly for a business, losing to competitors have a huge impact. No business would like to lose. The question in my mind – do all business knows what it means to win? What is winning? What is victory?

Quoting from one of my favourite Military Leaders – General McArthur – “Define what is a victory. I cannot fight them if I cannot see them.”

Every organisation or company strives for victory in one way or another. Victory could mean different things to different organisations. It can mean launching a new product, entering a new market, achieving financial objectives or securing a large contract. Regardless, it is the responsibilities of a Leader to clearly define what victory means and then focus on the whole intent of the organisation towards that victory, motivating all his men in the quest to attain that victory.

As a Leader, I find this extremely important in every aspect of our company’s growth. We need to clearly define what victory means for us. We then make sure that everyone in the company understands what this Victory means and commit to relentless pursue of this Victory. We can have breaks in between, we can do detours if we need to. But we cannot lose sight of what Victory means for us, for TreeBox.

This month marks a critical point of our company’s journey. We have secured several victories. Firstly, an important victory that means a lot to the entire company. A victory that was defined at the birth of this
company. Every one of us knows it. We are happy and it now comes with heavier responsibilities of delighting the customers. We know we can and we would delight our customers.

Secondly, we have secured strong believers in us. People who believe in the company and believe in the team. This is an important victory for us. Among so many companies with such promising technologies and team, we have to stand out and attract believers. We did just that. It was a hard battle but nevertheless enriching journey.

Thirdly, we entered our first competition for an award. It was a different experience. Pitching against so many great companies and again, how do we stand out. Presenting to a panel of judges and convincing them in 10 minutes on what we do, how we can make money and what is our unique advantage, is never an easy task. I have a great team which work like a well-oiled machine and we strived forward. Yes, battle scares are accumulated. But what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger! Yes, indeed. The results are not out yet. But we are quietly confident that we would be able to have good results from this competition. We will win.

It has been another exciting month. This journey has been very exciting so far. We celebrated our victories together.

We are also pleased to have two new members coming onboard to join our expanding family. Our team is growing stronger each day. We are like a lightweight boxer, now beefing up with lots of carbo and proteins to increase our weight to the next class, and hopefully, we would eventually reach the heavyweight class, where every punch we land, would be a punch of victory!

Lastly, we want to wish a team member on a safe and enriching journey ahead.



With best regards,
Chee Wah