Market Segments

The best of mobile privacy, the way your business demands it.
Here’s a quick glance at how OnTalk® is making a difference for our clients.

Military and Law Enforcement Agencies  circle-next-arrowoutline-stroke-20x20

  • Provides military-grade protection via OnTalk® Security Card (MicroSD).
  • Multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.
  • Suited for daily operations such as securely broadcasting criminal information to all law enforcers on the ground.

Governmental Agencies  circle-next-arrowoutline-stroke-20x20

  • Suited for parliaments, foreign affairs agencies, cyber-ops centre, SOCs.
  • Secure emergency communications such as sending critical updates to management in cyber security ops centres for incident management.

Healthcare  circle-next-arrowoutline-stroke-20x20

  • Doctors can securely capture and share clinical images for group discussions with fellow practitioners.
  • Emergency broadcast to contact doctors on duty with secure acknowledgement to indicate who has received the messages.
  • Nurses can use OnTalk® for post-hospitalisation patient management by communicating with patients securely.

Hospitality and Retail

  • Securely broadcast sensitive information to all branches such as discount codes and WiFi passwords as well as emergency messages during crisis management.

Financial Institutions  circle-next-arrowoutline-stroke-20x20

  • Suited for banks and insurance firms, securing communications for sales staff and customer relationship management, such as between private bankers and high net worth clients.

Infrastructure & Engineering Sectors

  • Protects sensitive information between traders such as price negotiations.

Legal Industries  more info icon

  • Protects sensitive discussions between lawyers and clients as well as transaction details.

Listed Companies

  • Protects board of directors’ communications and senior management’s communications against leakages – which has impact on stock prices.

OnTalk® allows your employees to protect your business communications via Secure Voice calls, Conference calls, Secure messaging, attachments and even Secure SMS