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Banking on award-winning
secure mobile communications

Leading financial institutions are increasingly reaching out to their customers via smart devices to deliver the best services. Hence, mobile communications have also come under serious threat from frauds, scams and other invasions of privacy, costing banks and institutions great losses. Which is why we pride ourselves in developing today’s market-leading mobile security platforms that safeguard your institution’s performance and reputation as well as your customers’ satisfaction.

authorise transaction

Solutions that give your customers what they want

Your customers want to safely authorise a financial transaction on their mobile device, anytime, anywhere. They want to avoid lengthy security Q&A sessions at the start of every call. Or multiple calls to initiate a recorded conversation. They want to be fully protected against eavesdropping whenever they’re in touch with you. With OnTalk, you can far exceed these expectations.

Compliant with financial regulations

OnTalk is constantly developed to meet the latest financial communications compliance such as FCA, Dodd-Frank and MIFID II. For example, with OnTalk’s Secure Mobile Voice & Message Recording feature, bankers can record and swiftly execute a customer’s transaction in a single conversation. Compatible across all networks, OnTalk is also capable of recording both inbound and
outbound communications.


Secure communications internally

Besides providing high net worth individuals such as private banking clients true peace of mind, OnTalk is also designed to secure communications between employees as they exchange sensitive customer information internally. This includes the sharing of media files and attachments via personal devices, which pose high security risk in the financial sector. Secure mobile communications is also essential in safeguarding crucial business discussions, where information leaks are prevented from disrupting major deals.

Customisable features and
centrally managed

Regardless of your institution’s unique needs, OnTalk’s features can be tailored to provide optimal security. This includes the ability to seamlessly integrate OnTalk with your existing solutions. OnTalk can also be centrally managed to give you full control over every employee’s Secure Contact List, even after they’ve left the company. This prevents any accidental leak of sensitive information to unauthorised contacts.


A private equity firm in Asia uses OnTalk to secure their communications internally with staff and externally with business partners, ensuring confidentiality of information exchanged.

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