Government, Military &
Law Enforcement Agencies

Securing national security from within

Whether it’s conveying real-time mission critical information, an emergency response or sensitive-but-unclassified (SBU) information, government officials and law enforcers increasingly depend on mobile devices and public cellular networks to communicate effectively and immediately. Keeping these connections private is what we do best.

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Intelligent military-grade solutions

OnTalk offers military-grade solutions, which ensure mobile communications security in the hands of security elites such as the department of defence and armed forces, homeland security and the intelligence community.

Besides keeping all mobile communications safe from threats such as foreign operatives, intelligence agencies and terrorists, OnTalk also enables crucial on-ground advances. For example, due to the insufficient bandwidth of radio networks to support multimedia communications, law enforcers can leverage on their mobile devices with OnTalk to share classified multimedia information securely in real-time between individuals or the entire team.

FIPS compliant & Common Criteria (CC) certified solution

Designed to secure beyond expectations, our solutions also adhere to strict guidelines such as FIPS compliant, a U.S. Government benchmark for implementing cryptographic software. It is also CC certified, which meets international guidelines for information security products suited for government deployments.


Customisable features & centrally managed

Regardless of your organisation’s unique needs, OnTalk’s features can be customised to enhance security and improve the coordination of missions. With law enforcement where operations often involve a team of officers, the Secure Broadcast feature allows for information to be disseminated across the entire team. The sender will also be notified on who has viewed the message. OnTalk can also be centrally managed to give you full control over every employee’s contact list.

A state law enforcement agency in Asia uses OnTalk to protect their real-time classified communications for more efficient and effective law enforcement efforts.

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