Securing the communication lifeline
of medical practitioners

It is no coincidence. Medical practitioners that stay well connected with their team members are simply more empowered to provide the most efficient care for their patients. That’s why physicians and nurses leverage on smart devices to discuss critical patient information clearly and immediately, anywhere, anytime. However, with the increase in customer data violations and strict privacy regulations, medical institutions are facing a big challenge in maintaining this crucial balance in communications. That’s where we come in.

doctor communicates using mobile device

When it comes to communication breakdowns, prevention is the only cure

Communication breakdowns are the main cause of medical errors. 70% of serious injuries and accidental deaths among patients are linked to such communication failures. Due to the same result, an average 500-bedroom hospital loses over $4 million each year1. Which is why we focus our efforts on empowering practitioners with secure mobile communications.

By keeping physicians and team members efficiently connected in real-time, and with peace of mind, OnTalk vastly prevents communication breakdowns and improves patient care coordination, safety and satisfaction.

1University of Maryland, 2010

Compliant with medical regulations

Strict regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) are set in place to safeguard the medical information and data privacy of patients, which are exchanged by physicians on a daily basis. As non-compliance may result in a penalty, OnTalk lets practitioners stay well connected, while upholding patient confidentiality and medical records from unauthorised access.

secure contact list

Medical records for your eyes only

Secure Patient List is a feature that grants practitioners secure and immediate access to a patient’s medical record and lab reports. This provides a quicker and more accurate assessment for physicians when they are assigned the same patients, or when following up with
those discharged.

Customisable features and
centrally managed

OnTalk’s features can be customised to greatly improve the safety of patients and enhance operations. In emergency patient situations where critical incident management is initiated, Secure Broadcast allows for information to be disseminated across the entire team securely. The sender will also be notified on who has viewed the message. This ensures help is on the way for the critical patient.
OnTalk can also be centrally managed, giving you full control over your institution and patients’ data.


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