Secure mobile communications
is your defence, in and out of court

There is no objection when it comes to the importance of securing all communications regarding legal matters. And this includes those that take place on mobile devices, whether internally between firm members or externally with clients, in and out of the office. Why not eliminate the risk of having files leaked or a client’s privacy invaded without having to sacrifice the power of working with smart devices? Many firms already have. Thanks to a powerful solution that does what it does best – keep everything private.

businessman on mobile phone

Total, absolute mobile communications privacy. That’s our case in point

The velocity of practising law is a constant, which is why OnTalk is designed to secure your communications without slowing your lawyers down. Instead, its seamless integration within their workflow allows them to perform more efficiently. For example, with OnTalk, they can send large files to team members fully encrypted and on the go, even over unsecure networks via their mobile devices.

Whatever happens in OnTalk stays
in OnTalk

It’s obvious that clients are concerned about their confidentiality and privacy. Trade secrets and sensitive information such as undisclosed mergers or acquisitions that could be stolen for insider trading make law firms very attractive targets. In fact, clients are increasingly conducting assessments of the firms they hire. Rest assured, with OnTalk’s technology that’s trusted by organisations such as the Department of Defence and Homeland Security in Asia Pacific, you’ll have your clients’ full vote of confidence.

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Customisable features & centrally managed

Besides customising our features to your firm’s exact needs, OnTalk can also be branded to your business to gain even greater trust amongst valued clients. By centrally managing OnTalk from your firm’s premise, your employees and clients can be certain that they’re always communicating with authenticated parties. Central management also ensures full control over every employee’s Secure Contact List, even after they’ve left the firm.

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