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New Style and New Additions

Posted September 30, 2012 by in CEO Updates

Mr. Chong Chee Wah
Founder & CEO

Dear Readers,

It has been a fun stay at Blk 71 so far. Besides the fun environment, we are also creating new activities among ourselves. Events like our monthly sprint demo have been the centre of focus for our team members to showcase their sprint development work as well as for everyone to join in and comment freely. Monthly sprints are also the time where we enjoy our favourite pastime where we eat in and enjoy our conversations & connections with fellow team members.

While we enjoyed the monthly sprint sessions, I noticed that the weekly discussions were a bit too mundane with the typical excel sheet presentation and the monotonous mood in the discussion. To liven things up and embrace the principle of “everyone involved”, we changed our style this month. We moved away from excel sheet and powerpoint. We went back to the good old whiteboard.

With the whiteboard segmented into different team members’ names, we began to write our top 3 tasks in colourful post-its and stick onto our names. Suddenly at one glance, we can see the inter-relationship between each task and each member’s tasks. We also enjoyed sticking more post-its on each other’s box. But at the end of the day, we need to look at reality in one eye and pragmatism in another. We would re-adjust the tasks based on the priorities and changing business needs. It is certainly a more fun way of conducting weekly meetings. No longer monotonous, no longer boring. Now is it fun and more importantly, achieve the objectives of knowing where we are, how are we and how far can we go.

This month also marks the addition of 2 new members into our family. We have two great additions. Wee Tat is a solid developer that we like. We believe he would be a great contributor to the team. Chester’s youthfulness and zest added lots of drive into the business development activities. Nothing is more enjoyable to be able to find right people to join us.



With best regards,
Chee Wah