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OnTalk Vault

Freedom to Connect

Secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution

Low Upfront Costs

Affordable monthly subscription

Starting as little as 50 users

Scale easily as your company grows

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Centrally Managed and Controlled Back-end Server

Military-Grade Encryption and Security Protocols
Highly classified information is secured via OnTalk® Security Card (MicroSD).

Secure Broadcast
Broadcast securely and easily to teams or entire organisation with instant acknowledgements.

Easily Scalable
Be it OnTalk® SaaS, On-Premise Premium or On-Premise Appliance package, it allows your Enterprise to scale easily as your company grows and there will be a package that is suitable for your Enterprise budget.

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Secure Real-Time Contact List
Your enterprise can control and configure a separate business contact list.

Secure Voice Communications
End-to-end encryption and crystal-clear voice quality calls. Conference calls supported.

Secure Instant Messaging (IM) and SMS
Secure 1-to-1 and group IM. Secure SMS does not require data connection.

Secure Attachments and Media Management
Attachments are securely stored within app. Manage sensitive files privately.

Secure In-App Media Capturing
Capture and share photos or videos directly from app without
appearing in photo gallery.

Mobile Voice and Message Recording
Enterprises can record voice calls and messages for audit purposes. End users can record voice conversations on the app during secure voice calls.

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Privacy made simple. And affordable.
We believe that everyone deserves privacy – including your business. Speak to us and we’ll recommend an OnTalk® package that best suits your needs.


Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Cloud solution for immediate adoption at minimal cost.


On-Premise Premium
Bespoke turnkey solutions for enterprise customers.


On-Premise Appliance
Single-Box server for easy and fast on-premise deployment.

Watch why OnTalk® is your trusted choice to secure enterprise
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OnTalk Vault

The Secure Digital Safe for Enterprise Mobility

Secure Mobile Content Management
Store and protect sensitive, confidential corporate documents with OnTalk® Vault’s military-grade encryption. Ensure your valuable information stays private and protected wherever you are.

Accessible Data 24/7
Access your most critical documents anywhere, anytime. Save files for later use and retrieve them at your convenience.

Integrated Solution with OnTalk® Mobile Communication App
Share files from OnTalk Vault and discuss privately with your co-workers, partners and/or customers easily via OnTalk.

secure mobile content management
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Built for Enterprises

Collaboration on the go for Increased Productivity
Work on and share documents and multimedia files with your colleagues and customers across platforms – using your mobile devices or web browser anytime – no longer bounded to your desk or company premises.

Enterprise Integration & Customisation
Integrate seamlessly with your internal workflows and systems. Provide your employees and/or clients with a bespoke secure mobile content management platform with your unique branding and identity.

Scale easily as your demand requires. OnTalk Vault works well with 1 user
or 1,000 users, offering you the flexibility to choose the best option
for cost-effectiveness.

Security by Design

Dual Persona Solution
Segregate and protect corporate data in a secure and isolated work environment on employees’ personal devices without infringing on their privacy. Store files in the cloud so personal phone storage is not infringed on.

Multi-Layer Data Protection
Protect your corporate content with our solution designed with user, device, content and network security from day one.

Enterprise Management
Govern your enterprise information assets on employees’ mobile devices with our enterprise-grade protection while ensuring security compliance. Enforce data access and encryption policies, manage user permissions on the management console that provides a single, unified view.

ontalk vault multi-layer security

Our Achievements & Accreditation

Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner
Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner
Frost & Sullivan SG Secure Mobile Communications Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award
SiTF Awards Gold Winner for Mobile Application
APAC CIO Outlook 25 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2016

Our Accreditation

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OnTalk® platform allows your employees to protect your business communications and business data anytime, anywhere.


Be it BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device), CYOD (Choose-Your-Own-Device) or COPE (Company-Issued, Personally-Enabled) devices,

OnTalk® is the secure and user friendly secure mobile communications app for Enterprises and Employees.