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Our TreeBox Brand – Credibility, Reliable, Customer-Focus

Posted September 30, 2013 by in CEO Updates

Mr. Chong Chee Wah
Founder & CEO

Dear Readers,

This month, I would like to talk a little bit about this magical word – “Brand”. In a short month, I have met several people who advised me to change the company name. The importance of branding was a major topic of discussion. Some said they don’t understand our company name. Some said the name has no “enterprise” feel. Some don’t like the colour. There are so many comments (or noise?). So what should we do?

Should we quickly engage an expensive so-called Brand Consultant and start a “long journey” with the consultant to develop a brand and a message that is consistent and resonate with customers? Should we quickly think of a new name to re-brand the company?

With all these comments in the back of my mind, I took a step back and look at the situation. Then I looked at the brand names. What does IBM mean? What does Google represent? What about Microsoft and Starbucks? and Apple? Did these companies, in their early days, already understood what their brand means and what message to deliver? I have my doubts. All companies, big or small, go through different stages of their corporate lives. Sometimes, they would be able to do the same thing that they have been doing since they started. Sometimes, they have pivoted to something else. But looking at all the big brand names today, one thing is consistent. It takes time and energy to build a brand. A brand is not built overnight.

I came to the conclusion that brand cannot be built overnight. A brand takes time to build. A brand cannot happen just because we pay a branding consultant to do the job for us. Then, how should I go about building the brand?

I am fortunate that I met two wise men this month. Both gave me very good advice on branding. What is a brand? One of the wise men said, “if you can consistently deliver reliable and credible product to your customers and your customers keep coming back to you…. well, that is already your brand !”. The second wise man told me “the best person to answer the branding question is actually our customers. Go and ask the customers what they think of you.”

I was very enlightened. A brand needs time to build and the best way to build a brand is to be consistent, be reliable, be credible and always deliver to our customers. Armed with this new burst of energy, I began to interview our customers. Why choose us? It was seemingly a strange question to ask but I asked and I got very good replies. In fact, these are the winning points that swing their votes and confidence towards us instead of more established players in the market:

1. TreeBox always delivers as promised. Whatever feature that we claim we are ready, the customer knows we would be ready. TreeBox is credible.

2. TreeBox delivers extremely easy to use solutions. This is extremely important. Nothing beats the ease of use where customer’s end users enjoy using our solution with great ease. TreeBox is customer-focused.

With this information on my palm now, I probably have a better vision of our branding now and where I can lead my team towards.

Last month, I wrote on defining and pursuing victory. This month, I overlay with a new dimension. Not only we define and pursue victory, we would pursue victory in a consistent, credible, reliable and customer-focused manner.

This is our brand. Our TreeBox Brand.


With best regards,
Chee Wah