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TreeBox Solutions featured as one of the 25 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers

Posted January 26, 2016 by in News and Events

26 January 2016 – APAC CIO Outlook Magazine featured TreeBox Solutions as one of the 25 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers in 2016.

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A recent IDC’s worldwide CloudView Survey revealed that nearly 60 percent of organisations are currently using or planning to implement some form of the cloud. Hence, it gets more interesting when we picture the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific region in that scenario and discover how it is responding to this growing importance of Cloud.

Across the region, the adoption of Cloud has clearly increased with many organisations developing their own Cloud initiatives and best practices to capture a global customer base. However, the future Cloud investments will not solely depend on the internal IT capabilities of these companies. The ability to operate in latest Cloud techniques such as Virtualization and Private Cloud is expected to play an even more significant role. A ‘Cloud first approach’ to better engage customers also needs to be a key focus area for cloud service providers and partners. With its economy showing impressive growth, the Asia-Pacific region is, without a doubt, the next big destination that could favour the expansion of Cloud.

The list highlights some of the most prominent organisations in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond an advisory level. The proposed list aspires to assist IT executives to find the right Cloud solutions provider, who meets their specific requirements and helps organisations, overcome additional operational costs and foster an IT environment that can promote profitability and productivity.

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