Freedom to

Deliver Complete Privacy

Secure Messaging with

Treebox Talk is a reliable enterprise messaging platform that is secure, intuitive and scalable. Designed to closely align with your organization’s workflows and growth requirements. Treebox Talk’s approach allows you to safely manage your company’s messaging program. 

Affordable Monthly Subscription

Start From As Little As 50 Users

Separate Phone Book And Photo Gallery From Personal Data

Segregate Corporate Data On Employees’ BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device)

Certified Enterprise-grade Solution

Treebox Talk

Secure Contact List

Your enterprise can control and configure a separate business contact list.

Secure Voice Communication

Supports secure 1-1 calls and conference calls.


Facilitate secure send/receive of images, videos, audio notes, PDF documents.

Secure Instant Messaging

Sending text messages in peer chats or group chats

Remote Wipe

Admin to trigger data wipe on the app for lost or compromised phone.

Secure In-App
Media Capturing

Photos captured with our app will not be found in photo gallery.


Great for announcements and crisis management.

Message Self

Set a read message to self destruct on the recipient’s phone based on your preferred message lifespan.

Message Lifespan

Admin can set a lifespan of messages in app to reduce exposure

Secure Video Conferencing (Soft Launch)

Conduct video calls with multiple parties