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Posted April 30, 2014 by in CEO Updates

Mr. Chong Chee Wah
Founder & CEO

Dear Readers,

We have a fortunate month in April. With all the hardest issues on the table, our team put up a stunning performance. Working around the clock, we managed to strike off problems by problems. We got the some of the biggest problems off the table ! Thanks for my CTO and the team. Though it is still work in progress, we have certainly brought confidence back to our customers. We also gave ourselves a booster shot. We have a great team that can give a good crack at difficult problems, and solve them.

Moving ahead, we are getting busier. This is a good sign. It is always better to be busier. Being busier also brings good problems. I have also been busy chasing down good people to join us. We are, again, fortunate. We are able to continue to attract strong people with a passion to come onboard. This is extremely important. It is not difficult to hire a person, but it is extremely difficult to hire a right person. We would continue our current philosophy. Recruitment is open 365 days round the clock. Once we find someone suited, we would chase down. Not always successful, but we will try our best. I am hopeful in the next month, we would continue to hire good and right people to join us.

Besides the daily challenges, I have the privilege to catch an article on the internet. This is about an Untold Story of Larry Page. 51 pages of a story about Larry Page. Very enlightening article. (For those interested, you can catch the article – Click here)

One key take away from reading about Larry Page was what he said about Google.

“We build products that leverage on technology to solve huge problems for hundreds of millions of people. We build products that you can’t live without.”

This is such a simple but yet clear and powerful message. Each day, there are probably thousands and thousands of start-ups around the world starting or developing products. How many of us dream of building products that our customers can’t live without. Look at Google, it has Android, Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive, Google+, Google Earth etc. All these products have an impact on each of us and truly live up to the reputation of building products that we can’t live without.

Of course, Google is not built overnight. I draw inspiration from what Larry Page said. I would like to challenge my company and my team – We, at TreeBox, want to build products that our customers cannot live without. This will be what we want to do and this will be what we will do.

One step at a time. One day at a time.


With best regards,
Chee Wah