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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. Henry Ford

Posted March 31, 2014 by in CEO Updates

Mr. Chong Chee Wah
Founder & CEO

Dear Readers,

I must say this is really a tough month for us. While I spent the first two months doing the hardest things for the start-up – getting customers and building alliances, this month really sums up what Henry Ford’s quote has mentioned. Everything seems to be going wrong. It is really a struggle against the constant challenges. Every day, we were hit by new problems or new issues that surfaced. It doesn’t matter where this issue may come from as it literally came in all direction.

But despite these struggles in this month, I see light. I saw how our team come together and work hard to resolve the issues together. Everyone is stretched and everyone is working round the clock to address the issues. I feel proud and I feel confident that we can overcome this period of our start-up life.

The problems that we are dealing are not simple. In fact, very complex problems with many factors that are actually beyond our control. I remembered I wrote once about the companies that dealt with agriculture. These companies accept the uncontrollable factor – weather and work around this uncontrollable factor to derive profits from the farms. We seem to be in the similar state – we have many factors beyond our control. How the network passes the packets, how the telco sees and prioritise the packets, how the various telco within a single country operates, how the difference between pre-paid and post-paid cards make a difference, and how the physical handset and OS changes that impact us. And none of these factors is within our control. We are at the mercy of such factors, at least for now. And this is an important step in problem-solving – understanding what is within our control and what is outside of our control.

We then get down to work on what we can control. I have a good CTO who took the lead at this critical stage and carry this tough technical problem on his shoulder. With his technical experience, he is leading the team out of this foggy situation and I am happy that I see light out of this foggy situation. This is a critical stage of our company’s growth and experience. We must overcome this stage and we will.

If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by an inside force, life begins. Great Things always begin from inside.”

Last but not least, our team has always embraced the culture of “work hard and play hard”. We took the entire team out for a full day event. Away from all connectivity so that we can enjoy the activities and take the opportunity to play hard. Also, the activities were designed for everyone to experience for the first time. It was a great day! We work hard and we play hard too.


With best regards
Chee Wah